DIY Modern Vinyl Record Wall Display – Quick & Easy

DIY Modern Vinyl Record Wall Display - Quick & Easy

Music artists, bands, and recording labels ensure their vinyl records comes with amazing album art. 

Depending on the music genre or artist in question, these artworks come in distinct colors and unique designs. As vinyl records are so eye-catching, it’s almost disrespectful to let them go out of view within a record case. 

The good news is that you can hang your records on your wall to put them on display. Not only do these modern displays help decorate your home’s space, but they allow you to showcase your well-loved music on display. 

If you want to display your vinyl records on a wall, you’re in the right place! You’ll find two DIY ways of doing so in this post. 

The first involves hanging the records sleeves to the wall, while the second involves securing the records themselves to the wall. 

Vinyl Record Sleeve Display

This method involves securing your loved record sleeves to the wall with hooks. 

Follow these steps to do so:

Step One

Choose how you’d like to arrange your records on your wall. 

Options include hanging one row of sleeves, positioning them in a rectangular shape, or placing them around your record player.

Step Two

Buy four screw hooks for every record you want on display. 

After you’ve chosen how many records you’d like to hang, you can think about the number of hooks you’ll need. Look for  L-shaped hooks around 2 inches in length. 

Step Three

Use a spirit level and pencil to indicate where the bottom of your vinyl records will lie. If you don’t want to mark the wall, you can swap a pencil for painter’s tape. 

Measure and note where the first’ records’ bottom hooks will lie. Create two dots around ten inches away from each other across the straight line you have drawn. These will secure the middle record in the bottom row.

You’ll be adding two screws along the bottom of every record. The rest of the screws will be placed on either side of the records, around halfway up to stop them from falling off of the wall.

Step Four

Mark where the side hook screws will lie. 

Beginning from the mark for the right baseline screw, measure one and a half inches to the right horizontally, then 6.5 inches above vertically. Mark this location with a dot. This is where the right-edge screw will lie. 

Perform the same steps from the left baseline screw, measuring one and a half inches to the left horizontally, and 6.5 inches above vertically. Mark with a dot to indicate where the left edge screw will lie.

You won’t be adding any top screws, as this ensures you can remove and replace your records as necessary.

Step Five

Mark screw-hole positions for the rest of the records in the same line. 

Leave an inch or room between every record and the one next to it. This means the side screws for each record should be spaced an inch apart.  

Step Six

After you’ve marked where all of the screws need to go, begin installing them into the wall. Use a nail to mark a little hole in the drywall, then manually rotate the screw inside the wall. 

Check that the screws are straight, instead of angled upwards or downwards. Remember that the ‘L’ area on the base screw hooks should face the sky, while the side screws should face inwards towards the vinyl sleeve. 

Step Seven

After you’ve installed all of the screws, place the records into their new spaces. You can remove these whenever you wish, or swap them for new records. 

Remember to slide the vinyl in gently, as the pressure can damage the hooks and the record itself. 

Step Eight

If your layout has additional rows, repeat the steps above for every row. 

Measure an inch from the top side of the vinyl sleeves already on display, then mark another horizontal line with your spirit level as a guide. 

This will act as the foundation for the new group of screw hooks. Make sure that the screws line up with the screws in the row beneath them. 

Sleeveless Record Display

Sleeveless Record Display

This DIY record display involves securing sleeveless vinyl’s to the wall. 

This option does look modern, but it will scratch and damage the records. Only use this method for records you don’t plan on playing. 

Follow these steps to do so:

Step One

Decide how you want your record layout to look. You could arrange them in a square formation or one single line. 

Bright and bold-colored records will look great in a rainbow formation, or in alternating colors to create a pattern. 

Choose if you want to leave a few inches between each record, or have their edges closer together. You can even have them touching each other to cover a whole wall, door, or ceiling.

Step Two

Check the layout by using painter’s tape to fix records on your wall. Remove two pieces of tape and roll them into a cylinder. 

Fix the tape to the back of your records, then place the record on the wall. Do the same with the remaining records to check that you like the layout. 

Step Three

Use indoor mounting tape strips to secure the records to the wall. 

Place two tape strips around two inches wide on the back of the vinyl. Peel the backing away from the mounting tape, then firmly press the record to your wall.  

Do the same steps with your remaining records until your design is finished. 

If you prefer, you can stick thumbtacks through the center of your LPs to fix it through the wall. This step will add holes in your drywall, so keep this in mind before installing them. 

Final Thoughts

Vinyl records look amazing and can give your home space a modern, fun feel. 

The steps outlined above can help you secure your well-loved record sleeves to your wall, or create a display with the records themselves. 

If you opt for the first method, remember to take care when removing the vinyl from their sleeves, as it’s easy to damage them. 

If you’re using the second method, only use records that you don’t want to play. The tape and securing process will scratch the vinyl’s delicate surface, so keep this in mind before you use this method. 

We hope you have fun creating your vinyl record wall displays!