Decorating Your Home With Plants


There are so many benefits to having indoor plants in your house.  They act as a mood booster and they can help reduce stress.  Plus many people find the act of tending their plants to be very therapeutic. 

Above all of that they offer a positive impact on home air quality, including giving off oxygen and adding moisture to the air.

Each are great reasons on their own to have houseplants, but let’s talk about how great they look! 

Plants add an inviting and organic quality to your home, somehow bringing a little bit of what we love about outside into your space.  They can lend a soft and supple look to your room, float a pop of color that doesn’t have to match any other thing in the décor and some even offer a dramatic, stately presence.

stately living room set


Plants give back so much and require very little in return.  When choosing houseplants, think about your propensity toward care. 

Are you good with routine? 

How often will you water it, prune it, rotate the plant and wash or dust the leaves?  

This will tell you if you want to lean toward an easy going variety or a high maintenance cultivar.  Also consider the amount of natural light your room gets each day.

When selecting your leafy housemates, be honest with yourself and look for plants that fit with the type of home gardener that you are.

Some plants get by with weekly watering, very little care and minimal light and are forgiving if you fall off your routine here and there (think succulents or pathos), others require a bit more attention and really show it if you ignore them for too long (like peace lilies and Boston ferns). 

When you are shopping check the plant tags for care instructions that match your home and lifestyle. Many people find it helpful to have a regular schedule of watering to help ensure that it doesn’t slip their minds.

And if you know you’ll be hopeless at keeping up after a living plant, then bring the look of nature in with silk florals instead.

silk florals


To make care easy, group plants with similar needs together.  Keep things interesting by varying their size, shape and heights.  But also take cues from the way you decorate your home.

If you are going for a modern look choose an architectural plant like snake plant or cactus that towers in your space, adding somewhat elusive vertical interest to your interior.

modern living room set with plants

Prefer a traditional take on things? Then try full, round-shaped plants and a symmetrical approach; for instance, a simple row of identical topiaries dotted across the mantel or delicate ferns precisely positioned on either end of your console table.

ferns on console table

For an eclectic look, consider a plant with unique character.  Check out mature versions of a ponytail palm or money tree.

Is shabby chic more your flavor? Consider a full bouquet of cut blooms, like pale pink peonies or an azalea.

Any room looks more complete with a lush tropical variety popped into the corner.  You can’t go wrong with most types of palms, try a majesty or areca palm.

For an eye-catching statement, invest in a larger plant that has a presence of its own.  If you are choosing smaller plants, group them with others that have a different size and shape.  Vary the leaf shapes and shades as well as the plant height, fullness and pot size.  Two or three make a great sized grouping.

Or create an indoor garden by pulling together a wide assortment of different house plants and bundle them onto a bar cart or bookshelf.

Grouping plants together on a cart can create a bit of a microclimate, keeping them healthy and happy.

So have a stroll through your local plant shop.  In no time you’ll find something to add some energy to your living room or boost the warmth, cheer and productivity in your home office. Search for greenery or blossoms that will lend to the soothing feel of your bedroom and potentially add appealing scents.  If you’ve got an empty corner, a sparse looking shelf or an unadorned window seat, go ahead and pick up a few indoor plants and add more life to your home.

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