Schoolhouse Furniture

What You Need to Know

Company Overview

What is Schoolhouse Furniture?

Schoolhouse furniture is an online store based in Portland, Oregon. They have a historic building and offer a range of furniture, lighting and other homewares which are ideal for decorating a house and replacing things in your home. 

Who Bought Schoolhouse Furniture? 

In 2022, Schoolhouse Furniture was bought out by Food52. However, Schoolhouse has retained their brand name, practices, premises etc. Food52 is a next generation cooking and home company known for innovation. 

The buy out shocked a lot of people, but it seems to have been the right move for both of the companies. It has allowed Schoolhouse to stick to their promised manufacturing and shipping timescales and offer an improved customer service, which has resulted in better customer satisfaction.


What Style is Schoolhouse Furniture?

Schoolhouse Furniture specializes in producing furniture inspired by vintage, industrial, and schoolhouse aesthetics. Their style can be described as a fusion of industrial, mid-century modern, and nostalgic design elements.


Milo Sofa

What Are Their Prices Like?

Seating options are impressively low priced, with a utility stool costing less than $100. You can also find sofas and armchairs competitively priced, too. 

Schoolhouse also offers tables and storage units for low prices without compromising the quality. Other items include bed frames, table lamps, rugs, and more! You can grab a few wool testers for less than $25 each. 

Overall, pricing is competitive, reasonable, and there are often sales on their items – so grab them while you can!


Where is the Furniture Made?

All Schoolhouse products are designed and assembled in their Portland factory. They are then shipped out to customers. The factory is a historic building that is over 100 years old and has been laid out to house all aspects of the business. This creates American jobs and supports American trade.

What is the Furniture Made From?

Incorporating industrial influences, Schoolhouse Furniture may incorporate materials like metal, reclaimed wood, and distressed finishes to evoke a vintage and rugged look. Their furniture often showcases exposed hardware, vintage-inspired knobs or handles, and other industrial design elements.

Is Schoolhouse Furniture Good Quality?

Schoolhouse Furniture is a reliable company with a good reputation. Their furniture and higher end products are of excellent quality and customers are very happy with them. 

Some customers feel that the lower cost hardware products are of lesser quality or are less competitive when it comes to price. This can happen when a store offers such a wide range of products.


Are There Any Discounts Available?

Schoolhouse Furniture is dedicated to building strong working relationships with trade professionals. They offer trade discounts to various professionals – architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors, business owners and hospitality groups. 

There is a login area on the website where you can sign in with your trade account to access the discounted prices. 

What Services Do They Offer? 

If you like the products on offer from Schoolhouse Furniture, you might be wondering what other services they offer. Whether you are interested in shipping and returns policies, gift registry, or styling, this section will help you. 

They offer an affiliate program and even have a team of interior designers to help you out! Not only that, but they also have a gift registry for weddings and special occasions that can be used.

Is The Shipping Free? 

The shipping is not free, but is calculated at the checkout as a percentage of the total cost of your order. There is no standard shipping fee, as it depends on the location and the fluctuating shipping costs. Schoolhouse Furniture offers domestic and international shipping. 

You can expedite shipping for an additional fee, but this will not impact the manufacturing time for the products. The details for the manufacturing time can be found among the product details for each individual item. 

What Is The Return Policy? 

The return policy varies depending on the item. The return policy for each item can be found within the product information online. Return shipping will be free if you are returning an item for store credit. However, if you are returning the item for a refund, then $14.99 will be deducted from your refund to cover the cost of the return. 

If you intend to return a product, it needs to be done within 30 days of delivery. Internationally delivered items will need to have the cost covered.

Items that are stated as not suitable for refund prior to purchase cannot be refunded or exchanged for store credit. Orders of 10 or more light fittings are not eligible for refunds. 

Do The Products Have A Warranty? 

The products from Schoolhouse Furniture do not have a standard warranty. If you notice that your product is damaged or defected, you must send photographic evidence within 30 days of the item’s delivery. 

The customer support team will review the photos and arrange for your refund if needed. This rarely happens, as the products are made to an excellent standard and carefully delivered.