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Room and Board was first founded in 1980 and since then the company has expanded and employs over 900 small businesses all over the country. This company has created furniture that balances timeless details with new, modern designs. 

Since there are lots of different furniture companies all over the country to look into, it can be difficult knowing which brand is the right one for you. Room and Board should be one of those brands that you look for more info on if you are looking for well-made furniture all over your home. They have everything you need and more, using sustainable materials.

What Is Room And Board Furniture?

Room and Board offer furniture for every room in your house, which is specially designed to last. There are various shops all over the country which you can visit, you can take a look at their showrooms to discover furniture in various styles. 

There is also a free design service, which can help you to build your dream room in your home. No matter your budget or what you want to achieve, this service can help you with that.

This company also doesn’t just focus on inside the house, they can also help you to transform your garden. They have everything your house needs to help you add an entertaining area to your yard. 

What Style Is Room And Board?

When it comes to their furniture and the style, Room and Board, try to create pieces that will always look trendy. They do this by combining the right amount of modern designs and lines with timeless details. 

A lot of their products come in very simple and muted tones. This is a way of making them versatile to fit inside any space or room. These products will never go out of style, therefore you will never get bored with their appearance either. 

What Are Their Prices Like?

  • Cheapest Sofa: Metro – $799
  • Cheapest Dining Table: Parsons – $1,869
  • Cheapest Arm Chair: Jasper – $1,000
Metro Sofa

Since Room and Board offer such a wide variety of products, their prices can differ quite a lot. They also pride themselves on using high-quality products, this then means that a lot of their price tags are slightly higher than what you would find in some other furniture companies. 

Below are some of the price points that you may come across. 

  • Sofas can range from $1,499 to $6,699. 
  • Tables can start from $679 to $4,499.
  • Beds are around $999 and can go up to $3,699. 
  • Lamps start around $379 up to $2,999. 

Where Is Room And Board Furniture Made?

Room and Board are passionate about sustainability, and want to use 100% sourced wood for their products by 2025. They have been focusing on creating sustainable furniture since 1980. 

At the moment, around 90% of their products including decor and furnishing are made within the US. These products are crafted with high-quality imported and domestic materials. Many businesses around America create products for the company,

Why Is It Expensive?

Room and Board offer a lot of products, but they all have high price points. The reason behind this is that Room and Board try to use the highest quality materials possible. 

These materials are sustainable, which can bump up the price tag. However, due to the fantastic quality of these materials, a lot of people don’t mind paying the prices. 

Is It Good Quality?

Room and Board are proud to create products where high-quality materials are used. Often these are family-owned companies, which allows you to prove the best craftsmanship. 

As a result of all these factors, all their furniture and furnishings are good quality and should last you a lifetime. 

Does It Ever Go On Sale?

Room and Board state that they don’t increase prices just to lower them and label it a “sale.” Every day, they collaborate closely with their suppliers and manufacturing partners to offer you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. 

On their site, you will see a clearance section. Limited quantities of discontinued products are available at clearance prices. Once these products are gone, you won’t see them again. 

Who Owns Rooms And Board?

As a division of the furniture retailer business (Gabberts) run by his parents, John Gabbert launched Room & Board. He also served as its president. 

Gabbert immediately took the helm of Room & Board as it separated to form an independent business. It currently employs 964 people, runs 22 storefronts across eleven states, and also runs thirteen delivery/distribution centers across the nation.

Recently, John Gabbert was introduced to the American Home Furnishings Hall Of Fame. This is because he has been leading the way for home furnishings as the company is thriving and expanding. 

What Is The Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with an order, you can send it back within several weeks. Mattresses have a 120-day return policy.

They advise you to send back or swap products as soon as possible as they may be rejected, or your refund might be adjusted if they are damaged, worn out, or altered.

  • Cancellations – no charge you anything if you decide to cancel any orders. 
  • Return Delivery – If you are unhappy with your purchase, no fees will be changed for an exchange, but original charges cannot be refunded.
  • Refunds – Purchases made using a credit card or gift card will be reimbursed to that card.


Room and Board is a Minnesota-based company that has spread all over America. They offer furniture and furnishing for every room in your house and can even help you to create the perfect outside space as well. The furniture they offer is a blend of modern and well-loved details. 

If you want to purchase the best quality and handcrafted furniture, then you may wish to look into Room and Board. This company prides itself in offering supportive and attentive customer service, to meet all your needs.