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Perigold is a luxury online furniture retailer that offers a wide array of high-end home decor products. Learn everything you need to know about this company

What You Need To Know

Perigold is a brand that sells luxury furniture online and which is backed by Wayfair. They are a pure e-commerce company and have no physical stores. Instead, everything is done through their website, even the inspiration and advice from their design team. 

So if you haven’t heard of Perigold, what you need to know about this company is that they offer high-quality furnishings but without the high-end showroom. 

What Is Perigold Furniture?

Perigold Furniture is an online furniture and home decor store that offers luxury and high-end, quality pieces. They bring together a range of different furniture makers and brands under one roof to make it easier for people to find the perfect look for their home. 

Previously, if you wanted to find original designs and high-quality furniture you would need access to some exclusive showrooms, not to mention a large bank balance. Perigold makes it possible to find unique and selective pieces of furniture at a competitive price. 

Perigold offers a complete service from design advice through to free shipping of your chosen pieces. The company is backed by Wayfair and is their first luxury website, launched in September 2017. It now offers more than 200,000 pieces of luxury furniture. 

The word Perigold has several meanings, the known of which is that it is a word that indicates the mean time for a planet or other body to complete a revolution. 

What Style Is Perigold Furniture?

Perigold offer a range of different styles of furniture including traditional, modern, glamorous, and eclectic. All of their furniture is high-end and crafted to an elevated standard. They have furniture for every room in the house, including game rooms, home offices, and bars. 

These are the resident experts and interior designers who vet each piece that Perigold includes in their collection. Each has a wealth of experience, expertise, and an eye for what looks good. 

The company has a selection of more than 3,000 brands that takes in all styles of furniture and homes. These include rustic, coastal, modern, and traditional designs, all of which are built by skilled artisans and craftsmen. 

What Are Their Prices Like?

As Perigold are offering high-quality furniture items, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their prices are relatively high. That is if you are comparing them to regular online furniture suppliers. However, Perigold is not a regular furniture supplier. 

Their items are all from high-quality furniture designers, such as the ones we have already mentioned. Naturally, you expect to pay more for artisanal pieces and highly crafted items of furniture, such as those that Perigold offers. 

Is Perigold Legit?

Perigold comes under the umbrella of Wayfair and is one of their five branded retail websites, the others being AllModern, Birch Lane, Joss & Main, and the main Wayfair site. 

Wayfair is a large e-commerce company based in Boston and was founded in 2002. It now offers over 14 million products from 11,000 global suppliers. The company has more than 12 million square feet of warehouse space in North America and Europe. 

It can be assumed that as part of this huge e-commerce empire that Perigold is a legitimate business offering luxury brand furnishings via an online platform. 

Is Perigold Only Online?

As it stands, Perigold is still only an online retail outlet, albeit a very successful one. When it was launched in 2017, Perigold was a ground-breaking retail opportunity for shoppers. 

Now, customers could access high-quality furnishings for their homes at competitive prices and without having to visit a showroom or specialty shop.  From one platform, it became possible to purchase designer furniture pieces at the click of a button. 

Not only does the website provide the opportunity to browse and buy quality furniture, but it also provides inspiration and consultation on design ideas. The website is well-designed and can be navigated easily to exactly what you are looking for. 

Does Perigold Have Sales?

Perigold does have sales, and you can browse them by categories such as furniture, decor, lighting, bedding, dining, and more. 

Often there will be quite a substantial discount on the price of furniture pieces, so browsing the sales pages is definitely worthwhile. 

On the website, you will find a tab where you can browse all sales in one place. This takes you to a page where you can shop for all sale items. You also have the ability to search the items by category. 

Perigold Vs One Kings Lane

Perhaps the closest competitor to Perigold was One Kings Lane. This online luxury home decor business has sold furniture and home accessories since its founding in 2009. By 2014 the company was valued at $912 million and had 10 million members. 

As a competitor, One Kings Lane was aiming at most of the same market as Perigold. It had all the same categories of furniture, outdoor items, rugs, lighting, decor, bed, and bath to name just a few. 

However, the quality of the furniture was not at the same luxury level as Perigold, but despite this, their prices were sometimes on par. One Kings Lane was never exclusively an online business and had some boutique stores. 

Is Perigold Only Online, Or Does Perigold Have A Store?

Perigold is the largest online luxury furniture store in the sector and offers over 3,000 brands across its range. This would be next to impossible for a brick-and-mortar store, so no, it does not have a physical store. 

Being an online enterprise also allows customers to benefit from the experience, advice, and inspiration of Perigold’s Design Council, featuring some of the country’s best interior designers. 

Final Thoughts

Next time you are looking for inspiration to decorate your home or want to buy luxury, highly crafted furniture, you will know where to go. With their concierge service, free white-glove delivery, and assembly service, there’s not much they don’t do for you. 

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing our guide to Perigold and that you are now familiar with who they are and what they have to offer.