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What Customers Need to Know

When it comes to the contemporary furniture industry, there are few companies as revered and loved as Jonathan Adler. This company produces high quality, unique furniture that has a distinctive character and twist that is just different from what you normally see on the market. 

But, while the temptation might just be to dive in and make a purchase, it is important for all prospective customers to ask the right questions. To do this, you need to do your research before jumping right in. 

But this begs the question: what exactly is Jonathan Adler, and what should all prospective  customers know? 

Who Is Jonathan Adler? 

Jonathan Adler is an American potter, interior designer, and published author. He is the head of his own furniture company – producing some of the finest products in the US and beyond. 

What is Jonathan Adler’s Style?

Known for his distinctive design style, Adler borrows aspects from mid-century modern motifs from the 1950s and 1960s design world. He has a chain of stores around the world, a legion of fans, and has secured some of the most prominent design contracts in recent memory. 

What Are The Prices Like? 

The prices for Jonathan Adler furniture vary – however, their cheapest prices for their key items include: 

What Do They Have To Offer? 

At Jonathan Adler, the company has many different items to offer – ranging from larger pieces of furniture and seating, to smaller accessories for every room in the home. They have hard and soft furnishings including couches and dressers, lighting, pottery, artwork, and a range of accessories and rugs.

Is The Company Legit? 

As you might have gathered from the article so far, Jonathan Adler is a respected and sought after brand all around the world. As such, they are considered not only legitimate, but widely trustworthy – bringing a level of design quality and reliability to everything they produce. 

Why Are They More Expensive Than Other Brands? 

One thing that makes Jonathan Adler furniture so much more expensive than other, more common furniture brands, is that the pieces are unique and well-made. 

This obviously means that better materials, craftsmanship, and more time are being donated to the production of these pieces. Because of this, a higher price tag is attached to accommodate for these factors. 

However, there are some items that are cheaper than other companies, including many of the smaller accessories and trinkets used for decoration. 

Where Is Jonathan Adler Furniture Made? 

Something that is particularly special about Jonathan Adler’s furniture is that various pieces are produced all around the world. 

His beaded furniture is produced in India, where he encountered an expert in the craft. Likewise, his limited collection of furniture is produced within Indonesia, and many of his honey-colored wooden pieces are produced within Vietnam. 

This is another reason why many of his pieces are considered more expensive than more conventional furniture. Bringing together different craftspeople from countries to create a collection that you can truly be proud of doesn’t come cheap! 

Do They Offer Free Delivery?  

Depending on the shipping distance, and your country of origin, Jonathan Adler does offer free delivery on their items. However, this is only the case if you are based in the United Kingdom or the United States. 

Does Jonathan Adler Offer Warranties? 

Jonathan Adler does not allow implied warranties on their products, and does not confirm or deny that the products are either fit for purpose, or built to a good standard. This means that, if there is a problem with your item that is not covered under your sales warranty (i.e. poor construction or errors in manufacturing), you are not covered. 

As such, any damage you accidentally cause – be it through carelessness or any other reason – the company will not cover you for the damages. 

They also do not take responsibility for the products sold by third party companies. This means that you can only get a refund or replacement from Jonathan Adler if you have purchased the item from one of their specifically named stores. 

What Is The Jonathan Adler Return Policy? 

If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your Jonathan Adler products, you can return them to the store for a replacement. You could also get a full refund at any point within the first 28 days after sale. 

The products must be pristine, in working order, and unused upon their return. Checks will be completed on the returned items before a refund or replacement is issued by the company. 

This is to protect them from fraudsters, and to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, too. 

Jonathan Adler Furniture Quality

The quality of the furniture that is produced by Jonathan Adler is known to be prestigious, of high quality, and made with the utmost care and attention. 

This is why the company remains so popular all around the world, and why their furniture is held up as being some of the best of their kind around. 

Made from unique materials and constructed in unique locations by the most skilled craftspeople from around the world, Jonathan Adler furniture might be expensive, but it comes with a guarantee of quality. 

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly true that, when it comes to furniture, there are few companies as popular as Jonathan Adler. They offer great furniture and accessories that can really make a difference to homes, and each one is unique. However, there are also things that all customers need to know before they go looking to buy. 

So if you know someone who is thinking of heading to Jonathan Adler for your furniture, then be sure to send them this handy article!