Inside Weather Furniture

What You Need to Know

Company Overview

Inside Weather Furniture is a modern furniture brand that provides stylish and high-quality pieces of furniture for indoor and outdoor settings. 

This brand is known for its manufacturing methods that utilize sustainable practices and materials. Moreover, Inside Weather Furniture offers a wide range of cushion options, cushion covers, cushion shapes, and cushion types that allow you to customize your furniture according to your preference.

The Benefits of Inside Weather Furniture

Inside Weather Furniture offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for those seeking stylish and sustainable furniture that’s affordable too. One of the standout features is its customization options, allowing customers to personalize their furniture to their unique preferences. This includes arm height and cushion detail options, surface design and base style of tables.

Beyond its customization options, Inside Weather Furniture is also known for its sustainable approach. The company uses upcycled materials in its production process, such as over 200 plastic water bottles ground down and used for its sofas.

Additionally, Inside Weather Furniture plants one tree via the National Forest Foundation for every order, helping to offset its environmental impact.


What Style Is Inside Weather Furniture?

There are many styles of furniture on the Inside Weather website, but the main categories that stand out are minimalist and mid-century modern. With minimalism heading out of style, it can be difficult to find furniture stores that sell this design style at reasonable prices. Luckily, Inside Weather Furniture picks up the slack.


Inside Weather strives to offer low prices for investment pieces of furniture. They offer their award-winning customizable sofas at incredible prices – much lower than you might expect a sectional couch to be when you’re in full control of the design.

Bondi Armless Chair

Their other pieces are also decently affordable. All of this is made even better when you remember that Inside Weather is also sustainable and carbon neutral.

There are always sales and coupon codes running for Inside Weather, so we suggest looking for these before buying your new piece.


Types of Inside Weather Furniture

Inside Weather Furniture offers an array of stylish and functional furniture, all of which can be customized to meet individual preferences. 

Wood Frame Furniture

Constructed with solid wood, wood frame furniture pieces are designed to stand the test of time and provide both aesthetic and functional value for years to come.

Customers have the option to choose from different wood stains to match their decor and personal style. In addition, there are various cushion options available, including different cover fabrics, shapes, and types.

Inside Weather also offers flame retardants for their upholstery, ensuring that the furniture meets safety standards for home use. Another key aspect of their wood frame furniture is the different arm styles offered, giving customers even more control over the design of their piece.

Modular Options

These modular options allow you to change the configuration of your furniture at any time, making it easy to adapt to your changing needs.

With modular options such as their famous Bondi range, you can easily remove arms or back panels to adjust the size of your furniture. For example, you might choose to turn a three-seater sofa into a two-seater sofa with a chaise by removing one of the arms. 

Alternatively, you can mix and match components to create the exact configuration you need, whether that means adding an extra section to a sectional sofa or turning an armchair into a loveseat.

Cushion Options

There are several types of cushion shapes and types to choose from, such as foam, down, and polyester. Foam cushions provide a firmer support and tend to hold their shape well over time. 

Down cushions offer a plush and fluffy feel but may require fluffing and maintenance to maintain their shape. Polyester cushions are a budget-friendly option that provide a medium level of firmness and are relatively easy to care for.

In addition to cushion types, there are also options for cushion covers and arm style. Cushion covers can add an extra layer of protection to your cushions while also providing decorative accents to match your decor. Arm style also plays a role in the overall comfort of the sofa, with options such as rolled arms or track arms offering different levels of support.

Wood Stain Options

The right wood stain can make all the difference in achieving the desired look and feel of a space. Inside Weather Furniture offers a range of wood stain options to suit your style and preference. Here are the popular wood stain options you can choose from:

Walnut: This wood stain option gives furniture a rich dark brown color that is suitable for both modern and traditional styles. It is characterized by its dark and uniform color that is perfect for achieving a sleek and sophisticated look.

Oak: Oak wood stain is a classic option that results in a beautiful light brown color. It is an ideal option if you’re looking to bring out the natural grain texture of the wood. Oak also works well with a range of different decor styles.

Maple: Maple wood stain offers a lighter, more neutral tone that complements a variety of different color schemes. This option provides a lovely golden hue that adds warmth and depth to any room.

Cherry: Cherry is a darker, reddish-brown wood stain that offers a classic, elegant look. It adds a touch of sophistication and grandeur to furniture pieces. Cherry is ideal for creating a traditional look but can also be incorporated into a modern space.

Is Inside Weather Furniture Good Quality?

When it comes to purchasing furniture for your home, quality and durability are two key factors to consider. At Inside Weather, they take pride in creating stylish and functional pieces of furniture that stand the test of time. They use high-quality materials and a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure that their furniture is durable and functional.

What is the Furniture Made Of?

Almost all of the pieces offered by Inside Weather Furniture are constructed from solid wood. Solid wood construction involves the use of actual pieces of wood to assemble furniture. 

This differs from other methods that use particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with veneer to create the appearance of a solid wood piece. Solid wood furniture is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. 

One of the biggest benefits of solid wood construction is its natural beauty. The different types of wood stains offer several color options and patterns, giving customers a range of choices to choose from. Solid wood also displays the unique characteristics of the individual piece, such as knots or wayward grain which add a sense of character to the item.

Is Inside Weather Furniture Non-toxic?

Yes. Fabric materials are all certified, with the majority being OEKO-TEX certified. These have been tested and proved to be free of toxic chemicals and other substances. 

Furthermore, all wood materials used by Inside Weather are FSC Certified, being sourced from responsibly-managed forests to provide economic and environmental benefits.

Is Inside Weather Furniture Non-toxic?

Yes. Fabric materials are all certified, with the majority being OEKO-TEX certified. These have been tested and proved to be free of toxic chemicals and other substances. 

Furthermore, all wood materials used by Inside Weather are FSC Certified, being sourced from responsibly-managed forests to provide economic and environmental benefits.

Brand Comparisons

There are a few brands similar to Inside Weather in terms of price, quality, and environmental benefits. Let’s take a look at some of these now: 

  • Pottery Barn, if you love minimalist and mid-century styles, this is the place for you.
  • Joybird, offers the same amount of customization as Inside Weather with similar prices.
  • Zin Home, features furniture in any style you could think of! 
  • West Elm, sustainable products that last a lifetime.


Stylish pieces of furniture are the perfect way to upgrade any home decor. When shopping for furniture, it is important to consider factors such as style, color, and material in order to find pieces that will fit with your existing decor and create a cohesive look. Inside Weather furniture can offer all of that.