Floyd Furniture

What You Need to Know

Purchasing new furniture for your home is the perfect way to breathe some fresh life into a room and update the style and decor of your home. If you have been searching for furniture manufacturers, you might have come across Floyd Furniture. 

Company Overview

Floyd Furniture offers a wide range of furniture pieces that are seen as revolutionizing the furniture industry. The products offered by Floyd Furniture range from luxury to reasonable in price, which means that there truly is something for everyone from the retailer. 

Are They Legit?

Yes, Floyd Furniture is a completely legitimate business. Some people are still put off by companies that operate solely online, or they may have been stung by falling for lower prices when shopping online and being disappointed with the results.

Some people also question the legitimacy of Floyd Furniture due to the fact that the majority of its marketing is done on social media. This is a prime place for scam sites to pop up. However, despite promises of high-quality furniture for reasonable prices, you can shop in confidence with Floyd Furniture. 

Floyd Furniture uses completely legitimate processes to help keep its prices reasonably low and pass the savings on to its customers. 

Why They Don’t Have Stores

This means that the company only operates online, and you are unable to purchase Floyd Furniture products from a furniture store. Operating solely online means that the company can significantly reduce the number of overheads they are paying for. 

When operating online, there is no need to spend money on renting a store and hiring staff for those stores. This is a significant saving for the company, which can be passed on to the customer through the price tags on the products. 


What Style Is Floyd Furniture?

Floyd Furniture is known as a revolutionary furniture company that provides a combination of styles in its repertoire. The designs available at Floyd Furniture are a combination of modern, mid-century, and occasionally minimalist. 

Although this might sound like a combination that leads to complex and loud designs. However, Floyd Furniture makes it their mission to create timeless pieces of furniture that grow with you over the years without sacrificing an ounce of quality. 


What Are Their Prices Like?

You might think that well-designed furniture with high-quality materials would come at a premium price point. However, Floyd Furniture manages to keep its prices competitive with other brands on the market. 

There are some pieces of furniture available from Floyd Furniture that have a more luxury price tag, but these pieces come with premium quality materials and craftsmanship. 

There are other items available that come at a much lower price without sacrificing any quality. Floyd Furniture also often runs sales, so customers can get high-quality furniture for even lower prices. 

Why Is Floyd Furniture So Affordable?

Despite the fact that there is an odd piece of furniture from Floyd Furniture that has a higher price tag, the company is relatively affordable. This is something that can be perplexing for some people, considering the high quality of the furniture from the store. 

There is one main reason why Floyd Furniture is such an affordable brand without compromising on the quality of materials and design. Floyd Furniture is a direct-to-customer brand. 


What Products Does Floyd Furniture Offer?

Floyd Furniture works as a one-stop shop for all your furniture needs. The wide range of products is separated into categories such as Living Room, Bedroom, Storage, Tables, Outdoor, and Accessories. Each of these categories is further broken down into subcategories that provide you with more specific options for your furniture. 

Because of the wide range of products offered by Floyd Furniture, it is possible to purchase furniture for every room in your home from this single online store. From bedroom furniture to coffee tables and desks, there is something for every home. 

Floyd Furniture even has a range of rugs and throw pillows that you can use to give your house the final touches that it needs to feel like a true home. 

Where Are Floyd Furniture Products Made?

All of the furniture products available from Floyd Furniture are designed in Michigan. These products are then manufactured in various parts of the United States, China, and Mexico. 

Despite being such a global operation to produce, Floyd Furniture put a heavy emphasis on sourcing all materials in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The same principles are applied to the manufacturing process. 

This means that you can be confident that the affordable price tags don’t come at the expense of underpaid and exploited workers in factories around the world. 

Are Floyd Furniture Products Good Quality?

Yes, aside from wanting the furniture to be timeless and stylish, Floyd Furniture prides itself on producing high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime in your home. 

Floyd Furniture wants your furniture to grow with you as you move through life and your family grows. Therefore, you can expect Floyd Furniture to last a long time and be of a very high standard. 

Shopping FAQs

What Is Floyd Furniture’s Return Policy

Floyd Furniture strives to make sure that returning an unsatisfactory or defective product is as simple as possible. Products purchased from Floyd Furniture can be returned within 30 days of delivery. 

Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Unless you are returning a mattress that is free whether or not it has been opened. 

Refunds can be made to the original form of payment or as store credit. Customers have 7 days to change the refund method. After this point, all refunds are final. 

Final Thoughts

Floyd Furniture is a great place to find high-quality and timeless furniture that will make the perfect permanent feature in your home, no matter how your taste in decor changes over time.