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What You Need To Know

Company Overview

For more than two decades, Design Within Reach (DWR) has offered a full range of furniture products with a focus on modern and minimalist styles. Its furniture collection includes everything from indoor and outdoor furniture pieces to accessories and fixtures, predominantly serving the US market.

As a result, it’s become a popular household name in the US furniture industry, boasting more than 40 locations nationwide and a large consumer following.

What Is Design Within Reach Furniture?

Design Within Reach, founded in 1998, is a company that specializes in selling furniture. Design Within Reach is also known as DWR, and is popular in the US for designing and sourcing modern, minimalist furniture sold for mid-range to high-end market prices.

It offers design services to help customers choose the right furniture to benefit their individual spaces and decorations, including in-house visits and one-on-one consultations.

So for both customers seeking one-off furniture purchases or complete room redesigns, Design Within Reach offers both furniture collections for any space and consultation services tailored for specific customer needs.

Is Design Within Reach Legit?

Design Within Reach is a well-known furniture company in the US that has sold a range of modern furniture products to customers for over two decades, some designed by renowned industry designers. As a result, Design Within Reach is generally known as a reputable and trustworthy establishment, despite its prices that are sometimes viewed as expensive or overpriced.

Its customer service is also generally considered reliable for what is essentially a large commercial company. But like all companies, Design Within Reach has its share of positive and negative customer feedback.

Who Owns Design Within Reach?

Herman Miller, a furniture company based in Michigan, owns Design Within Reach. Herman Miller purchased Design Within Reach in 2014, considered an effort to expand the company’s offerings in home furniture and decoration.

Before the acquisition, Design Within Reach was owned by founder Rob Forbes, who started the company in 1998. 

As a result of the acquisition, Design Within Reach is also now a partner retailer with Herman Miller, selling many of its products as part of its bigger lineup of home furniture, outdoor furniture, and home decor accessories. 


What Style Is Design Within Reach Furniture?

Design Within Reach offers sleek and stylish home furniture, including outdoor furniture products. Designs largely cater to modern consumer appeal, from timeless mid-century designs to chic, modish furniture that follows new and upcoming trends. 

This applies to the wide range of furniture items offered by Design Within Reach, including its indoor and outdoor furniture products to lighting, home decor accessories, and standalone fixtures.


What Are Their Prices Like?

Design Within Reach targets modern-day consumers in the US, known for its furniture that incorporate both iconic and contemporary designs. 

Some of the cheapest products at Design Within Reach include: 

Can 2 Seat Sofa
Can 2 Seat Sofa

Why Is It So Expensive?

When comparing Design Within Reach with other companies, furniture prices at Design Within Reach sit slightly higher than other retailers, especially furniture retailers that focus on providing cheap and accessible home products.

There are more affordable US furniture retailers, as a result, but loyal customers may choose Design Within Reach for reasons that include its unique and modern furniture designs, design and build quality, accessibility (both online and across its brick-and-mortar locations), and customer service.

In addition, some furniture pieces at Design Within Reach are designed by renowned furniture designers, giving them higher price tags than other similar furniture items the company offers.


Where Is The Furniture Made?

Design Within Reach furniture is made and sourced nationally and internationally – but the bulk of its products are made and sourced within the US. Design Within Reach designs its own furniture, as well as sells and distributes furniture from other brands and outlets, helping to provide a bigger range of options for its consumers.

For environmentally conscious consumers, Design Within Reach is also committed to supporting responsible wood sourcing and sustainability across its product lineup. This may not apply to all Design Within Reach furniture products, though, which is something some customers might want to stay aware of.

Is It Good Quality, Is It Worth It?

Furniture quality at Design Within Reach can depend on the specific piece of furniture purchased, as well personal taste. In general, however, Design Within Reach offers high-quality designs and satisfactory craftsmanship that’s justifiable in terms of getting what you pay for.

All in all, whether products at Design Within Reach are worth the prices comes down to personal preference, budget, and the item itself. Some furniture pieces, such as dining tables, beds, and sofas, are viewed as good financial investments that customers may be more willing to spend on when it comes to style and quality.

Shopping FAQs

How Many Stores Are There?

Design Within Reach is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, but has more than 40 store locations nationwide. The company is also a partner retailer with Herman Miller, another furniture company with over 15 locations in the US, which currently owns Design Within Reach.

Design Within Reach’s San Francisco location, situated on Kansas St, is considered its largest store, spanning more than 20,000 square feet.

States that have the most Design Within Reach locations include California, Florida, Texas, and New York – which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Design Within Reach also has two locations based in Mexico: Mexico City Altavista and Guadalajara.

When Do They Have Sales?

For customers looking to save money or even treat themselves to high-end home furniture at a discounted price, Design Within Reach offers various sales throughout the year, including semi-annual sales, year-end clearances, standard yearly sales, such as Black Friday, and seasonal holiday sales.

Sales can include both products at Design Within Reach and shipping discounts – including free shipping.

Promos are also sometimes available from third parties, allowing customers to save on select products sold by Design Within Reach.