What You Need to Know

Chairish is a leading online marketplace for vintage and pre-owned furniture, offering a platform that connects buyers and sellers of unique and stylish pieces. 

With a focus on exceptional customer service, Chairish strives to provide its users with a fantastic experience in a marketplace environment.


What Style is Chairish?

When compared to other online marketplaces, Chairish stands out for its emphasis on vintage and pre-owned furniture items. While other marketplaces may offer a wider selection of items, they may not offer the same level of quality and style.

You can find all kinds of styles including the following:

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Modern
  • Italian
  • Art Deco
  • Hollywood Regency
  • Boho Chic
  • Shabby Chic
  • Abstract
  • Art Nouveau
  • Arts & Crafts

Chairish also uses a selection process for their products, ensuring that items meet specific quality and design standards.


Is the Furniture Cheap or Expensive?

Chairish tends to charge more for individual items because of their worth. When shopping through this platform, you know you’re getting an amazing piece of furniture that will last for years. 

Chairish offers a number of plans for sellers, featuring the following commission rates: 

  • Consignor: 40% on all products
  • Professional:
    • 22% on all vintage or used products
    • 22% on made-to-order products
    • 30% on other newly made products

With these in mind, you’ll expect to pay more in the way of seller and house fees. Many of the pieces are also unique and artistically designed, which is why they’re so expensive.

How Much Does Chairish Charge?

Chairish offers a curated selection of furniture and competitive pricing. The platform features a mix of basic and exceptional products to cater to different customer needs.

However, due to the focus on vintage and pre-owned items, prices can be higher than other online marketplaces. Additionally, the median time to delivery is usually longer than typical furniture marketplaces, which can be a downside for those in need of immediate furnishing.


Products Offered on Chairish

Chairish offers a wide variety of vintage, pre-owned, and antique furniture pieces. From unique dining chairs to exceptional dining tables, the platform features a diverse collection of furniture categories that cater to different styles and tastes. 

Chairish’s product development and design programs provide opportunities for sellers to showcase their hottest product categories in a larger marketplace environment. With a meta customer trend that leans toward vintage marketplaces, Chairish is one of the go-to sites for those looking for incredible style and quality while keeping sustainability in mind.

Vintage Brands

If you’re a vintage furniture lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that Chairish has a vast selection of vintage pieces from some of the world’s most popular brands, including Ralph Lauren, Baker Furniture, and Century Furniture. These brands are known for their exceptional quality, unique design, and incredible style.

Ralph Lauren

At Chairish, you’ll find an extensive collection of vintage Ralph Lauren furniture pieces that are sure to impress. These pieces are highly coveted by design lovers and frequently top the hottest product categories on the website. You can easily search for these vintage furniture items on the website by using keywords like “vintage Ralph Lauren furniture” or by browsing the furniture category. There are various subcategories under furniture, including chairs, tables, and dressers, to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

Baker Furniture & Century Furniture

Baker Furniture and Century Furniture are other well-known brands carried by Chairish. Antique Baker Furniture, dating back to the mid-19th century, is especially sought after and highly valued by collectors. Meanwhile, Century Furniture pieces have a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and are expertly crafted to last for generations.

When it comes to searching for these vintage furniture pieces, it’s essential to know that Chairish offers pre-owned furniture, including antique furniture. By using specific keywords like “antique Baker Furniture” or “Century Furniture,” you can easily navigate through the site to find what you need.

Apart from the popular brands, Swedish painted furniture is another category worth exploring in Chairish. Many of these unique pieces bring a rustic yet elegant feel to a room.

Shopping on Chairish

How to Buy a Piece of Furniture

Here are the steps involved in shopping on Chairish and buying a piece of furniture:

1. Browsing and Searching: Chairish has a vast inventory of vintage furniture and resale items, offering a unique variety of items. You can browse their furniture category, or use the search functionality to search for specific pieces of furniture.

2. Listing Details: Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the listing to view more information and photos. Each listing on Chairish provides details on the item’s condition, dimensions, and history. You can even contact the seller directly through the messaging feature if you have any questions.

3. Adding to Cart: Once you’re ready to buy, add the items you want to your cart and proceed to checkout.

4. Review and Payment: During checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to review your order, shipping information, and payment details. Chairish offers a secure and seamless checkout process, making it easy to make your purchase with confidence.

5. Shipping: Once you confirm your purchase, the seller is notified, and the item is shipped. Chairish has a median time to delivery of just two weeks, making it a quick and efficient process.

Pros & Cons of Shopping at Chairish

One advantage of shopping on Chairish is the extensive selection of vintage and pre-owned furniture pieces. This is a great way to find unique and stylish furniture items that are no longer being produced. Additionally, Chairish offers discounts and credits to Elite Sellers, which can help shoppers save money on their purchases.

On the flip side, shipping costs can be expensive on Chairish, especially for larger furniture items. However, one way to mitigate this is by shopping locally. Chairish offers a location-based search to help shoppers find items in their area.

Local shopping also allows for the opportunity to view and inspect the item in person before making a purchase.

Company Overview

Is Chairish Legit?

Yes, for the most part, Chairish is legit. It is a good outlet to sell items, similar to Etsy and eBay. However, there have been mixed reviews about using Chairish because they don’t store and inspect the products themselves. 

So, the legitimacy depends on the individual seller. We would recommend utilizing the reviews function to make sure the seller you’re considering has a good track record of selling on the platform.

Where Is Chairish Located?

Chairish is an online-only store, so there is no physical showroom to visit. However, their headquarters are located in San Francisco, United States.

How Did Chairish Get Started?

Chairish is an online marketplace for curated vintage and exceptional home furnishings. The company was founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team Gregg and Anna Brockway, both with backgrounds in technology and design.

The inspiration behind Chairish stemmed from Anna’s passion for collecting vintage furniture and home decor, and the lack of online options that catered to this niche.

Since its inception, Chairish has achieved several milestones and partnerships. In 2014, the company partnered with Ralph Lauren Home to sell vintage pieces from their archives.

In 2015, Chairish raised $11 million in a funding round led by Azure Capital and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

Overview of the Company Today

Chairish has grown and developed significantly since its founding as an online marketplace for vintage furniture and interior decor products in 2013. As of 2021, the company has over 2.5 million registered users, more than 500,000 unique monthly visitors, and has facilitated over 1 million transactions.

Over the years, Chairish has expanded its offerings beyond vintage furniture and now includes a wide range of interior decor products, from textiles to lighting and art pieces. This expansion has allowed Chairish to become a one-stop-shop for customers looking to create a curated and unique space.

One of the key aspects of Chairish’s success is their management style, which encourages the creativity and input of their employees.

Chairish’s executives have developed a team development strategy that gives employees autonomy over their work and encourages them to bring their unique perspectives to the table. This approach has led to innovative products, creative programs, and a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Compared to Other Brands

Chairish Vs Ebay

EBay is a lot more popular than Chairish, being used all over the world to ship everything from cars, furniture, electronics, clothing, and more. Anyone can sell on eBay without verification. 

You can often find things cheaper on eBay, although this could be because the items are lesser quality or less unique. EBay takes less than 13.25% of the sale price, which is cheaper than Chairish. 

Overall, if you want curated designer pieces, Chairish would be the place to go. Dupes and fakes have been reported on eBay for years. 

Chairish Vs 1stdisbs

Both of these online stores have thousands of mid-century pieces being sold by various vendors. Some have stated that they think 1stdibs should be more popular than Chairish, but others have shown concern about the inflated prices on 1stdibs. 

1stdibs also has a wider variety of pieces, featuring clothing, jewelry, and watches. Chairish doesn’t offer these, but they might have a wider range of furniture and art. Ultimately, which one you choose will depend on what pieces you’re looking for. 

Chairish Vs Etsy

Etsy is far more popular than Chairish, although if you’re looking for bespoke furniture, you might prefer the latter. 

Etsy does offer furniture, often handmade by independent sellers. Chairish offers vintage and designer furniture, while Etsy offers more interesting and made-to-order furniture. 

Some also find Etsy to be too oversaturated with other handmade items. While they do have an entire section dedicated to furniture, it isn’t featured on the front page of the website. If you’re looking for furniture specifically, Chairish is the place to be. 

Chairish Vs Kaiyo

Perhaps the most important difference between Chairish and Kaiyo is that Kaiyo picks the sold item from the seller. They’ll inspect it, clean it, and store it until it’s ready to be delivered. This is an excellent feature that is clearly missing from Chairish, who doesn’t take much responsibility for the products sold. 

Again, whether you choose Chairish or Kaiyo will depend on what pieces you’re looking for and how rare they are to find. 

Chairish Vs Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane focuses on selling antiques and collectables rather than furniture. You can find dolls, jewelry, pottery, silver, and fashion on this online retailer. They do also sell furniture, but this is often upstaged by the other antiques for sale. 

You’ll find more of a range of items on Chairish, so we’d recommend choosing them if you’re looking for a statement piece to fit perfectly into your home.


How About Customer Service at Chairish?

Chairish is a customer-centric online marketplace that prioritizes providing top-notch customer service to its buyers and sellers. The company’s Elite Sellers have access to a prioritized customer service line, which promises to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds and reply to first-touch emails within 12 hours.

This commitment to responsive and efficient customer support ensures that buyers and sellers have a seamless experience when using the platform.

Additionally, Chairish provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact with each other. Customers can ask questions to sellers about specific items or post questions in the community forum for other customers or Chairish staff to answer.

This feature provides customers with a more comprehensive understanding of products and transactions, resulting in better and well-informed purchase decisions.

What is the Chairish Return Policy

Chairish offers a white-glove delivery service for larger furniture items, as well as a 48-hour return policy. On average, their median time to delivery is two weeks for furniture and they offer a full refund, including shipping costs, if the product does not meet the customer’s expectations.

If you have any queries about shipping, return policy, or any other concerns, you can contact the Chairish customer service department by dialing their phone number, which is available on the website. The operating hours for the customer service department are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST. You can reach out to the customer service team for assistance or clarification.


Chairish is an excellent option for anyone looking for unique vintage furniture and pre-owned pieces. It offers a selection of items from well-known designers, generous profits to sellers, white glove delivery, and transparent information about each item. This makes Chairish stand out from other online marketplaces and a great choice for vintage furniture lovers!