Burrow Furniture

What You Need to Know

If you’re on the hunt for some online furniture brands, then chances are you’ve come across Burrow Furniture. Burrow is really making an impact when it comes to the online furniture game, and it’s not hard to see why. When purchasing furniture online, it can be an incredibly difficult decision, as you’re not actually able to see the product specifications in person.

Company Overview

Burrow is owned by Kabeer Chopra and Stephen Kuhl. Their story is rather remarkable, as they first began their business when they were just students themselves. They were talking about how unaffordable sofas were for students to buy, and recently had a bad experience with a piece of IKEA furniture which arrived late and was a nightmare to put together. 

They decided that they were going to make a change themselves, and they first brought their sofa idea forth for an entrepreneurial class that they were taking at the time. 

The couch they designed was a success, and they designed a process whereby the product could be directly shipped to the customer anywhere in the USA, for less than one hundred dollars. The result was the million dollar company they have today.

Are They Legit? 

Yes, rest assured that Burrow furniture is totally legit. They have been delivering high quality products to their customers since 2017, and have countless positive reviews which you can read online.


What Style is Burrow Furniture?

Burrow Furniture offers a number of unique pieces for everyone, but their catalog has an undeniable mid-century and contemporary theme. They offer beds, couches, shelves, rugs, tables, and more.


Chorus Bed

Is the Furniture Cheap or Expensive?

Burrow Furniture offers modular furniture, which often comes with a very high price point. However, this company prides itself on keeping its prices low without compromising on quality and comfort. 

Don’t get us wrong – the prices are still high due to the fact you’re investing in a piece to last you a long time. Still, you can find great savings in Burrow’s sale section. If you’re on a budget, we highly recommend checking the sale first.

Why Are They More Expensive Than Other Brands? 

If you were to compare Burrow furniture to other mainstream furniture manufacturers, it would appear that their products are more expensive. However, Burrow uses only the finest materials in their products, and this is reflected in the price. For example, all of their wooden pieces are made from solid oak, and the fabrics are made from high quality olefin fiber.


What Do They Have To Offer?

Burrow furniture offers a number of different high quality furniture products. They have a mid century and contemporary themed catalog, which has rugs, tables, beds, sofas, and shelves. They have expanded their products list over the years and are known for their high quality materials, and easy assembly process.

Where is the Furniture Made?

Burrow furniture is all designed in the USA, and the patterns are then sent to their partners all over the world. They are manufactured in Poland, India, Vietnam, and North Carolina.

Burrow Furniture Quality 

When it comes to the material used by Burrow Furniture, they’re known for using baltic birch hardwood frames. Their tables are also all made from solid wood, so you just know they’re going to last. They’re incredibly sturdy, and are super easy to put together too. 

In terms of the sofas, these are made from scratch resistant olefin fiber, and a three layered foam cushioning. This means that your couch will be super firm and comfortable. The brand is known for the durability of their products, which rivals many of the other ones out there on the market.

Burrow Furniture Assembly 

This was one of the main pain points that its creators found when it came to the online furniture business. They themselves had had bad experiences with assembling furniture, so they wanted to make the process as easy as possible for their customers. 

On their website, Burrow claims that the assembly process is incredibly quick and easy, and should only take you a total of 15 minutes for smaller items. They do not offer any white glove delivery or assembly services, but this is purely because they believe their furniture is easy enough for the customer to put together themselves. 


Do They Offer Free Delivery? 

One of the best things about Burrow furniture is that they offer free delivery for their customers, no matter the fee at checkout. 

Does Burrow Furniture Offer Warranties?

There is a one year warranty on all of the products offered by Burrow furniture, so if you have any defects that need to be fixed, the customer service team will be more than happy to help you. 

Do They Credit Check? 

Yes, you will be credit checked when you make certain purchases on Burrow furniture’s website. 

What Is The Burrow Furniture Return Policy? 

Filling out the returns form for Burrow is super easy, and you can return any products you’re unsatisfied with within 30 days of your purchase, so this gives you plenty of time to make a decision.

If you’ve purchased a Lyric mattress from Burrow, you actually have up to 100 days to return it. Once you’ve filled out the form, the customer service team will be in touch with you within approximately 24 hours. 

Does Burrow Furniture Offer Military Discount? 

Unfortunately, as of 2023, Burrow furniture does not yet offer their customers a military discount. 

How is the Customer Service?

When you’re purchasing furniture online, you want to make sure that the company in question has an excellent customer service team in place, so that if you experience any issues with your product, you’ll have somebody to turn to. 

Burrow is known for having an excellent customer service team, which has been mentioned by customers countless times in reviews. Their service runs from 10AM to 8PM, so should you ever need to speak to anybody, and ask any questions about the products, you can easily do so.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, Burrow Furniture is a great option if you’re looking for products that are made from high quality materials, but offered at a competitive price. With Burrow Furniture, you can rest easy knowing that all of their items are easy to assemble, and you won’t have any trouble putting them together.