Blu Dot Furniture

What You Need to Know

A wholly United States brand, Blu Dot Design & Manufacturing is a leading company for home goods and furniture. That includes beds, bedding, and mattresses for the bedroom, but also dining tables and chairs.

Company Overview

What is Blu Dot Furniture?

Blu Dot offers a range of furniture with an emphasis on comfort and modernity. That includes beds, contemporary sofas; including sectional sofas and sleeper sofas. Their range of furniture features lounge chairs, ottomans, benches, coffee tables, and side tables. For the living room, you can also expect credenzas and consoles.

Who Owns Blu Dot?

The Blu Dot style is derived from two key figures who have been there since the start. That’s the CEO, John Christakos, and the COO, Maurice Blanks, who are both co-founders and remain at the helm. The third figure is Charlie Lazor who helped found the company too when they were college graduates but has since left the company. 

The trio realized that, at the time, good design came at a high price point. Back in those early days, the style was still being formed during gatherings at Christakos’ place. Rolls of butcher paper came out, and the trio would draw and make up their own designs. 

They would also riff off each other and created their first products in 1997. They brought that debut line to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.


What Style is Blu Dot?

Blu Dot believes in functional design that does more than simply look good. It needs to account for how we work and live, furniture that creatively makes our lives easier and even more delightful. 

Each of their designs is thoughtfully created with a purpose and personality in mind. Durability is also important, with each piece designed to be enjoyed by all for an exceedingly long time.


What Are Their Prices Like?

Esker 82″ Sofa

Blu Dot’s prices tend to be considered price-competitive, ranging up to moderate. Take a look at these prices below:

  • Small desk and chair: $200-$400
  • Beds and sofas: $2,000-$3,000
  • Coffee tables and lounge chairs: $900
  • Larger tables: $1,500
  • Credenzas – $2,000


Where is the Furniture Made?

From its beginnings as an initial concept, it can take a full 12 or 24 months to create a final product. That begins with sketches, primarily in their Minneapolis design studio. Once the design is finalized, it is sent to Blu Dot’s Italian factory to be physically produced.

Is the Furniture Good Quality?

With a focus on modern, durable design, Blu Dot excel in high-quality furniture. Their products tend to be hand-crafted and designed by artisans with a detailed design process. In their furniture, Blu Dot look to keep it simple with spotless lines.

Is the Furniture Cheap or Expensive?

Brand Comparisons

Blu Dot Vs Room And Board

Both Blu Dot and one of their competitors, Room And Board, can be said to excel in modern furniture. Modernity and sustainability are key aspects of their design processes, with a certain timelessness and clean lines. 

Room & Board is an older company, having been founded in 1980 and draws on more international design. One key difference is that Room & Board have their best price every day as they fail to hold sales.  

Blu Dot Vs Longshot

Longshot Design And Build are based in Austin and offer more bespoke furniture. As a company, they offer project management services to construct and rebuild. While Blu Dot sells furniture for various places in the home, Longshot is ideal for that holistic, all-encompassing approach. 

Classic furniture is still their forte, but with more functionality involved rather than stunning beauty. 

Blu Dot Vs Unique

Unique Furniture has US offices in Raritan, New Jersey, and San Bernardino, California. This is an international furniture company that supplies for B2B rather than customers. 

The furniture is still of an excellent quality yet fails to come with the exceptional style and design you would expect from Blu Dot. Due to their sales strategy, you may not get the same ethos and focus on sustainability.


When Does Blue Dot Have Sales?

You can expect Blu Dot to have an annual sale, typically around the start of October through October 23rd. The sale covers their range of home furniture, with furnishings being 20% off. 

Does Blu Dot Have A Warranty?

With a piece from Blu Dot, you will get a one-year warranty with proof of purchase. To fulfil the agreement, the company may require images of those original items that are being replaced and sent back. During that one year of warranty, Blu Dot will agree to repair or replace the product, component or part at their option. 

As a policy, Blu Dot will not warrant for natural variation in the wood grain or changes in the surface finish due to light exposure. They will also not warrant for any naturally-occurring scars, marks, or wrinkles in leather or failure from regular wear and tear. 

Any damage from sharp objects or staining of veneer due to any contact with rubber or a similar compound. Should a Blu Dot product be subjected to what they see as improper storage or extreme environmental conditions, then they will not warrant.

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about Blu Dot is how their designs are likely to be more recognizable than the people behind them. It does not take long to find out where the style comes from and how it has developed. 

However, the names that sit at the top of the company have been there from the beginning, yet few would be able to picture them. There’s a certain tongue-in-cheek notion to the whole operation, yet they do design and sustainability incredibly seriously.