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What You Need to Know

Company Overview

Anthropologie was originally founded in Pennsylvania, in 1992. It was a “one of a kind” store selling a mixture of clothing, gifts, home decor, and accessories that reflected fashion and art. 

To this day, Anthropologie talks to up-and-coming artists to create unique clothing designs unmatched elsewhere.

Although clothing is their main selling point, Anthropologie has always encompassed furniture in their stores. All the chairs, tables, and bookcases you find are created with the same search for vintage aesthetics in modern designs.


What Style Is Anthropologie?

The style of Anthropologie furniture can be described as eclectic, bohemian, and vintage-inspired.

Anthropologie furniture often incorporates a mix of materials, textures, and patterns to create a unique and artistic look. The pieces often feature handcrafted details, such as intricate woodwork or hand-painted finishes, giving them a one-of-a-kind feel.

The furniture designs from Anthropologie embrace a sense of whimsy and individuality. You’ll find a diverse range of furniture decor, including rustic, industrial, mid-century modern, and global influences. Their collections often include upholstered furniture with distinctive fabrics featuring vibrant colors or intricate patterns.

This combination of styles creates what many people call the Anthropologie look. If you need to narrow down the aesthetic to one genre, we would call it stripped-back bohemian.


What Are Their Prices Like?

Dune Two Seat Sofa
Dune Two Seat Sofa

Why Is Anthropologie Furniture So Expensive?

Anthropologie puts a lot of emphasis on their unique designs and their environmentally friendly creations. Because of this, their furniture isn’t mass-produced and cheap materials are not used.

To find Anthropologie furniture at a lower price point, shoppers should wait for a sale day.

Alternatively, you can sign up for discounts. For example, if you make an account, you can apply for a birthday discount that lasts for your entire birth month.


Where Is Anthropologie Furniture Made?

All Anthropologie furniture is made in the US, including the upholstery. Although all the furniture is American, most of the workload is offloaded to other companies. For example, Crate & Barrel makes the majority of Anthropologie couches.

Anthropologie clothing is often made abroad. The clothing is ethically sourced, and most fabrics and creation occur in European countries like Italy and France.

Is Anthropologie Furniture Good Quality?

Anthropologie is an expensive brand, so you should expect high-quality merchandise. 

However, recent years have shown a reduced quality standard. Despite paying over $1,000 for most items, your beautiful furniture may not last more than a year.

Reviews in January 2023 reported termite infestations coming from the Anthropologie furniture. Anthropologie hasn’t commented on the outbreak, however, many loyal fans suggest the reviewers already had termites.


When Does Anthropologie Furniture Go On Sale?

Below is a list of the sales for Anthropologie furniture:

  • January – House & Home Event Sale
  • May – The Anthropologie Memorial Day Sale
  • May – Anthropologie Mother’s Day Sale
  • September – Labor Day Sale
  • October – Teacher’s Appreciation Sale
  • November – Black Friday Sale
  • November – Cyber Monday Sale
  • December – After Christmas Winter Tag Sale

Members can experience discounts on Anthros Days. These are:

  • March 19-21: Members save 20%
  • June 17-19: Members save 15%
  • September 16-18: Members save 20% off
  • October 21-23: Members save 20% off
  • December 11-13: Members save 25% off

Does Anthropologie Furniture Ship To Canada?

Yes. Anthropologie does ship its furniture to Canada for orders of $50 or above. International import fees may still apply. You can either pay these fees on delivery, or you can prepay. 

Does Anthropologie Furniture Come Assembled?

Anthropologie Furniture comes fully assembled, apart from the legs of bulky items. The items are not flat-packed, so consider the maneuverability of these items before purchasing.

Although some have removable legs, this isn’t a guarantee. Check the information page for the items you want to see if it has removable parts.

Does Anthropologie Furniture Have A Warranty?

No. Anthropologie does not offer warranties on any of its products.

What Is Their Shipping Policy?

Anthropologie offers free shipping on orders above $50. However, that offer is only applicable to addresses in the US, Canada, and Australia. Mexican shoppers will have free express shipping on orders over $50, however, this offer is labeled as “limited”.

These deals don’t apply to duties, taxes, unlimited furniture delivery schemes, or items curated by Anthropologie. They also make a special note about previously placed orders. This means spending over $50 throughout your life does not count.

If you are an Anthropologie member, your shipping comes free as standard.

What is the Anthropologie Return Policy?

Most items must be returned within 30 days of the purchase date if you want a full refund. The refund will be sent back to the original payment form. If you return the item after 30 days, you can still receive a refund, however, it will be store credit.

Items must still have their tags and must be unwashed, unworn, and unaltered. Items damaged or defective from delivery are still accepted.

Brand Comparison

What Other Furniture Brands Look Like Anthropologie? 

Despite Anthropologie claiming to be a unique look. This expensive brand has a lot of competition from much cheaper retailers.

If you’re looking for alternatives, our first suggestion is Urban Outfitters. Like Anthropologie, this store sells both clothes and furniture. 

They follow the same paired-back bohemian style with coffee tables as cheap as $119, and beds as affordable as $549.

If you prefer the modern take on the laid-back aesthetic, then you should consider Jayson Home. Their hardy wooden stools cost $250 while their long and 70s style Hadley Sofa costs $2,495.

Final Thoughts

Anthropologie has had a lot of bad press recently due to poor customer service and costly items that do not match the once high quality. Other shops such as Urban Outfitters accomplish the same aesthetic with a cheaper price tag, while Jayson Home continues the elite aesthetic of Anthropologie while keeping standards high.

We suggest shopping at Anthropologie during their sales.