1stDibs Furniture

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What You Need to Know

Company Overview

What Is 1stDibs Furniture? 

1stDibs is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers of luxury items, including furniture, art, jewelry, fashion, and antiques. The company started as a website for New York City antique dealers in 2000. It has expanded to include sellers from around the world.

The name “1stDibs” is derived from the phrase “first dibs” or first choice, indicating the high-quality and often unique items available on the platform.

The furniture on 1stDibs spans various styles, periods, and price points, from antiques and vintage pieces to contemporary designs.

The editorial content on 1st Dibs helps to educate its audience on design history, trends, and notable figures in the design world.

Are They Legit? 

Over the years, 1stDibs.com has built a reputation as a trusted platform for high-end and unique items. Many antique dealers, designers, and collectors use 1stDibs as a source for rare and luxury pieces.

You can read about their management team on the About Us page.


What Are Their Prices Like? 

When it comes to their prices, they obviously vary depending on the item in question. However, for their more popular items, the prices are as follows: 

Modernist Two Seat-Sofa

They also have a range of items that regularly go to auction – allowing for people to potentially get a bargain on specific items. However, this is highly competitive, and customers need to dive in quickly if they are to secure a good deal. 

Why Are They More Expensive Than Other Brands? 

Most items on the site are rare antiques or specially crafted articles that are sought after by buyers with sophisticated tastes. Thus, the higher sale prices, especially if auctioned. 

Obviously, this is different from mass produced furniture. With exclusivity comes expense, and that is exactly what the company offers through their product lines. 


Where Is Their Furniture Made? 

Because their merchandise is antique and vintage in origin, they do not really offer new furniture. As such, many of the products they sell come from varying locations all around the world, with some of the original makers and producers no longer being in business. 

Is The Furniture Good Quality? 

However, while the pricing may seem expensive – especially for the older, vintage items – the furniture is of good quality, and ready for use within the home. 

While certain items might have seen better days, this is accounted for in product descriptions, and is reflected in the price accordingly. 

What Kinds of Furniture Do They Sell?

  • Living Room Furniture – One of the main things that the company sells is soft furnishings – specifically those found in the living room, such as sofas, armchairs, stools, and ottomans.  These encompass a wide range of styles, eras, and colors.
  • Dining Room Furniture – Tables, chairs, end tables, and shelves that are both new and vintage, and antique goods. You can really add something iconic and stylish to your existing home and decor style. 
  • Home Accessories – This includes mirrors, statues, vases, candlesticks, candelabras, and all manner of other decorative items that could greatly benefit and enhance your existing style. 
  • Storage Furniture – Includes wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers, end tables, and bedside tables.  They have also been known to get trunks and cases – allowing you to add a little vintage charm to your bedroom space. 
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Artwork

As mentioned, there is no guarantee as to what will be on the website at any one time, but regular check-ins can be a good way to keep an eye on bargains, and any last minute auctions that might be occurring. 

Shopping FAQs

Can You Negotiate With 1stDibs? 

While there is little room for negotiation with the company themselves, they do offer auctions on most of their items periodically.  This means that you can actually negotiate with the seller or dealer. 

Do They Offer Free Delivery? 

No. However, they offer a secure and safe shipping service that ensures your goods get to you in the condition they were advertised.  For example, this service includes the building of custom shipping crates for long haul deliveries overseas. 

Do They Offer Warranties? 

Due to the nature of their business model, the company does not offer warranties on their products. While they are all restored to a high standard, and safe for use, they are still older items, and as such they cannot be guaranteed in the same way that new, mass produced products can be. 

Do They Credit Check? 

1stDibs have a number of different payment methods – including wire transfer, credit card, and PayPal. Also, they do not run credit checks. 

What Is Their Return Policy? 

Returns are solely at the discretion of the original seller. In some cases, the sellers might offer you an exchange or a refund on your purchased items. 

Do They Have Military Discounts? 

No, the company does not offer military discounts on any of their items. This is because they come from private sellers, and often use an auction selling system, which would make discounts hard to process and apply. 

Do They Ship Abroad? 

Yes! Not only does the company offer great shipping options for domestic customers, but they also offer international shipping – using air freight and sea freight delivery methods.

Final Thoughts

Within the world of contemporary furniture, 1stDibs offer something that many companies cannot compete with – namely high quality antiques, and unique vintage furniture that is perfect for adding a little style and interest to any home or decor style.