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What This Site is About

This site began as a curated collection of furniture sets. You wont find single items here, as we are into the whole concept of furnishing a room with matching pieces. Its cost effective, and puts tasteful living within reach of the average person. We just enjoy finding and curating affordable furniture sets! And that is the reason behind our name: TheFrugalRoom.

At the moment, most of the furniture sets on the site have been curated from Amazon because that is where we are finding the best deals. We look for stylish furniture sets that have good reviews and try to bring them to your attention. So, take look at our living room sets, dining room sets and bedroom set collections.

In addition, we want to provide useful and consumer friendly information about the brands that carry furniture sets and more. The idea is to answer consumer questions and help them in their shopping experience.

Our Story

What made us get started here? Its one of those “When one door closes, another opens” stories. Our team provided digital marketing services for a major furniture retailer for over 10 years. We helped them develop a strong web presence and connect with new customers online. After some time changes in the staff made it harder for us to collaborate and we ended up going our separate ways. But we had learned so much about the industry and what consumers really need when furnishing their homes. So, we decided to apply our knowledge and learnings in this space.

As a result of our experiences, we can help you interpret furniture marketing and advertising. We understand furniture mark up and we closely monitor the ever changing furniture and home furnishings industry and we want to pass these learnings along to everyone else. Hopefully this makes our site useful and valuable. For example, check out this article on the best times to buy furniture.

Where Inspiration Dwells

There’s no style or design motif that can harmonize with every individual or space out there, and we get that. We aim to provide a broad survey of all things furniture to help catalyze inspiration from its very core. We are inspired by architecture, plants, fabrics, random patterns we find laying around, and even the sounds of the spaces around us. We’ve realized that good design isn’t always about function and is sometimes more about form and emotional impact. For example, throw rugs of the same fabric can all serve the same purpose but only those with inspired patterns and colors can help bring harmony to a room. Design is one of the few areas in life where Form doesn’t necessarily follow Function—and how things look are how things behave.

Dedicated Editorial Team
Our writers have spent a collective 100+ years working within various fields of design. From Architecture to Furniture Design, we are able to pull from a myriad of creative backgrounds to help find some of the most elusively creative content floating about. We use our cameras, our pencils, and lots of Photoshop to help combine the experiences we have in our creative spaces to help share inspiring ideas with others. From time to time you might hear us talk about certain products or retailers where certain products can be purchased. We do this in place of traditional advertising so we can maintain complete editorial control over TheFrugalRoom.com. To learn more about these types of products and references check out our article on how we make money.

Reader Feedback
Ultimately our creativity is meant to inspire not dictate what is or isn’t considered ‘good’ design. When one designs something to perform a function it is often an easy debate as to which concept might win out. When one designs something to cultivate an emotion or harmonious experience, the lines of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are quite blurry. What we feel is incredible design might strike others as utter nonsense. Our own preferences have evolved from our life experiences just as others have as well. We understand that you will all react dramatically different to the ideas and designs we present here on TheFrugalRoom.com. We encourage everyone to reach out to us and let us know what you do like, what you don’t like, and most importantly—what you’d like to see more of!