7 Amazing Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Clean, gentle, and practical, these are all terms commonly used to describe the style of furniture and home decor known as mid-century modern, in reference to the time when it first became popular back in the 1950s and 60s.  

While many people love using this aesthetic style in their living room where everyone can see, if you have a slightly more spacious bedroom that looks like it could do with some redecorating, you could just as easily replicate it there too. 

However, it’s not always easy to know how to make a bedroom look modern and stylish without going over the top with colors and aesthetics. To make this easier for you, today we’re going to look at a few mid-century modern bedroom furniture ideas that you should consider using as inspiration when decorating a bedroom in your home. 

1. Small Light Brown Nightstands

bedside table

Nightstands are an incredibly handy addition to a bedroom, not only because they’re a great way to keep all the essentials next to your bed like the alarm clock and family photos, but also because you can buy ones that are incredibly small and take up barely any space at all. 

To pull off that modern mid-century aesthetic, try and find a miniature bedside table that contains a glossy light brown finish that will provide a delightful contrast to the much lighter bed next to it or any ornaments placed above it. 

2. Linen Armchair

linen chair

Mid-century furniture is designed in a way so that it looks comfy and practical, without being overly complicated visually, and there aren’t many pieces of home furniture that look quite as comfortable as a linen armchair. 

While the color scheme is entirely up to you, if you’re hoping to blend the armchair in with the rest of the room which may be a little on the lighter side, then the colors of gray, brown, and black tend to work the best. 

With that being said though, this really depends on how serious and organized you want the room to look. Many armchairs seen in mid-century homes were beginning to use color schemes that popped out a lot more such as mustard yellow and pink, and many of them also used stripy design schemes too. 

3. White Bed Covers With Extra Color

white bed covers

Mid-century beds tend to be much more minimalistic and practical than many of the much larger and more pompous beds being manufactured these days, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still add your own splash of color to it. 

Try using either a white or gray bed duvet and mix it with a thin blanket over the top that contains a contrasting color that isn’t too bright. Not only is this a simple way to add some of your own personal flair to the bed, but it also helps implement a touch of classiness and tidiness to the bedroom overall, especially since the bed is what most people see first. 

4. Vibrant Geometric Pillows

geometric pillows

Since pillows tend to be the smallest part of a bedroom, they are often the best part of the room to make it as vibrant and colorful as possible, since this small explosion of color can provide a delightful contrast to the rest of the much more neutral colors around the room. 

A geometric pattern also goes a long way in helping to make a bedroom look a little more playful and unique without being too in-your-face, which could be the case if you used these patterns on the bed duvet for example.

Don’t be afraid to place a few pillows next to one another with contrasting colors to really add some visual appeal and a splash of color to your mid-century styled room. 

5. Miniature Bookshelf

mid century bookshelf

If you type “new bookshelves” nowadays into your search engine, you will be presented with a wide range of very unique and futuristic-looking designs which can look intriguing, but can also make a room seem a little too visually complicated. 

Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to stick with a neat, small, and well-organized wooden bookshelf where you can easily display all the books you’ve been flicking through, or even just use as a placeholder for a device or plant pot. 

6. Simple 4 Legged Oak Closet

mid century wardrobe

Simple, stylish, and a real joy to look at, you can’t get much better than a classic oak closet, especially when you’re trying to keep a bedroom simple and inviting. 

Placing a 4 legged closet into a bedroom is an easy way to spruce the design up just a little bit without changing around the basic design scheme, and the same goes for a bottom drawer. 

These extra features won’t change the core architecture, but they can help to make the closet look a little more modern so that it can stand out from those large and dusty dark brown closets that never hold up well over time. 

It’s always best to position a closet just a few inches away from your bed, so that you have enough room to lift yourself out without it getting in the way.

7. Bright White Desk

mid century desk

Just the same as pillows, desks tend to be a much smaller addition to a bedroom, which means that it’s never a bad idea to experiment with the colors a little bit more so that you can liven up the room a little more. 

As long as you stick with the basic architecture and design so that the desk looks neat and practical, with a few shelves and doors fitted into it, the color really doesn’t matter as much, though a bright and creamy white is great if you want a color that’s guaranteed to blend in. 


The key to creating the perfect mid-century themed room in the house, no matter whether it’s a bedroom or a living room, is finding that perfect balance between traditional architecture and new and exciting colors and patterns.